Get your free panty

I live in a house that is teeming with women. I’m blessed with four of them between the ages of 11 and 30 something. It makes for some interesting direct mail, my favorite being the regular Victoria Secret “Free Panty” promotion. Take out the panty part of it for a second. Let’s just pretend it’s a “Free Widget” promotion. It sounds creepy if I say that word too often.

What a great promotion. It gives the customer a reason to just stop and peruse a store that they undoubtedly love (research would indicate) and get something useful for free. The desirability of our widget is high. The perceived value of this widget is high. The actual cost of the widget is probably pretty low. Best of all, I’m betting that very few women get out of the store without buying a few more widgets.

Not every business has the luxury of a giving away women’s underwear. For Miracle-Ear the offer was a free hearing test. It’s not exactly sexy, but the screening was useful and of value to the customer. The offer continually produces a list of high probability prospects for the organization. So here’s my question… what’s your free panty?

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